BTW Reminds Us We Were Really Gay Kids

BTW Reminds Us We Were Really Gay Kids

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Born This Way describes itself as “A photo/essay project for gay viewers (male and female) to submit pictures from their childhood (roughly ages 4 to 14), with snapshots that capture them, innocently, showing the beginnings of their innate gay selves. It’s nature, not nurture!”

And while we agree, we would also describe it as AMAZEBALLS2011.

All of the standards are there. Boy holding a My Little Pony in his class picture? Check. Big girl twirling a baton? Check!

My personal favorite is Felipe. Do yourself a favor and go laugh at these gay kids. How often do you really get the opportunity to do that guilt-free? We can laugh because we were these kids.

I submitted my own by the way. You’ll have to wait and see if it gets posted!

Via Born This Way

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