#PrideOverGenocide: Activists Call Out Budweiser for Supporting the World Cup in Russia

#PrideOverGenocide: Activists Call Out Budweiser for Supporting the World Cup in Russia

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A group of queer activists are calling out Budweiser for supporting the World Cup in anti-LGBTQ Russia while simultaneously supporting Pride in New York City. The Budweiser World Cup sponsorship is especially under scrutiny after various attacks on the LGBTQ community occurred in Russia this past week after international the soccer tournament began.

Using the hashtag #PrideOverGenocide, activist group Voices4 garnered over 2,500 comments on Budweiser’s most recent Instagram post. The group is taking responsibility for Budweiser halting their promotion of their support of the World Cup. Within 36 hours of the launch of the digital protest, Budweiser’s Instagram went silent. They had previously published a post every day since the soccer championship began.

Notable people who have participated in the digital protest include Tom Daley, Milk, Hey Rooney, Harper Watters, Chellaman, Dustin Lance Black, Detox Icunt, Andrew Chappelle (from the original cast of Hamilton), Munroe Bergdorf, Kyle Krieger and Levi J. Foster.

Voices4 picked Budweiser because of their longstanding relationship with the LGBTQ community. In addition to New York Pride, Budweiser has sponsored Boston and Los Angeles’ Pride celebrations.

A Voices4 protest in New York City

“Including the LGBTQIA+ community in their advertising does not erase their craven decision to financially support a dangerous, homophobic regime,” says queer journalist Elly Brinkley. “The Budweiser brand can’t have it both ways: sponsoring our pride here in the United States and bolstering the economy of a country that openly persecutes us. It’s up to Bud to choose pride over genocide.”

“Did Budweiser really think they could sponsor an event where we are beaten in the streets in Russia and march in the streets with us in Pride in New York on the same day?” Voices4 founder Adam Eli adds. “Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Did they think we do not care about our queer siblings abroad? At Voices4, we believe that queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere. Budweiser needs to clearly speak out against Russia’s anti LGBTQ laws and culture and ensure queer people and their safety is a priority for FIFA moving forward.”

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