30 Drag Queens Have Quit a Popular Atlanta Gay Bar After Racist Tirades From Its Owner Went Viral

30 Drag Queens Have Quit a Popular Atlanta Gay Bar After Racist Tirades From Its Owner Went Viral

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30 drag queens have quit their place of employment, a popular Atlanta gay bar called Burkhart’s Pub, after racist comments made by the owner on social media circulated earlier this week.

Palmer Marsh, the owner of Burkhart’s Pub, made a number of racist Facebook posts. Aside from using the n-word against Obama, Marsh also said “if the South had won [the Civil War], we would be a hell of a lot better off.” Another says: “My Confederate money that I inherited is on my kitchen counter. RIGHT NOW! Steal the money, if you like, but don’t try to take my flag because you might get seriously injured by doing so.”

Popular Atlanta drag queens including Phoenix, Evah Destruction and Brigitte Bidet took to social media to announce that all entertainers have quit the venue.


Phoenix, who said she’s been the entertainment director at Burkhart’s Pub for about five years, wrote in a Thursday evening Facebook post that she and all entertainers under her direction have turned in their resignation. The post did not provide specific reasons for quitting, but a subsequent post said: “I took steps because I felt it was NEEDED, actions for many reasons needed to happen and it was time.”

Eva Destruction also took to social media to clear the air on the matter.

“To catch everyone up to speed, the bar I worked at has owners that are racist Trump supporters. ALL of the entertainers have collectively made the choice to leave,” the well-known performer said on Twitter.

She continued on Instagram with a video, saying that the “faces of the bar” collectively decided to leave Thursday night after “a tough meeting.” The entertainer added that the owners refuse “to acknowledge or apologize for anything they’ve said or done.”

“But I will not be USED, nor will I help put money in someone’s pocket that finds it acceptable to use the N-word toward any POC period. Not to mention ‘proudly’ stand behind our current president.”

Today, the activist group ATL Activate is hosting a forum to discuss what the LGBTQ community should do about the Burkhart’s Pub situation. The meeting will be held at the nearby Illuminarium at 11:00 a.m.

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