These 35 Pics of Sexy Burlesque Boys Will Make You Stand and Applaud (NSFW)

These 35 Pics of Sexy Burlesque Boys Will Make You Stand and Applaud (NSFW)

Written by Daniel Villarreal on November 12, 2019
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We like burlesque, and we love boylesque a whole lot more! We’ve written about Bad Apple Boylesque in New York City before, but after catching a local show, we got hungry for some more burlesque action. So we scoured the web for some of the hottest boylesque shots we could find and decided to share them here with you.

These shots are so sexy that they’ll make you want to strip out of your clothes and put on a show for everybody. Also, we credited each photo so that you can follow each of the individual performers via Instagram — that way, the show never has to end!

These burlesque boys are always so daring!

burlesque boys 37

They’re real high rollers!

burlesque boys 32

In fact, it’s getting so hot, we wanna take off all our clothes.

burlesque boys 02

Did we mention we love tattoos?

burlesque boys 03

We also love bears…. like, a lot.

burlesque boys 04

Some of these men look like angels….

burlesque boys 05

… and some of them look like real devils!

burlesque boys 06

Talk about devilish!

burlesque boys 07

We’re loving this one’s classic look (and his thin mustache) .

burlesque boys 08

And this one is packing some serious heat!

burlesque boys 09

It’s no wonder they have to help each other cool down.

burlesque boys 10

Some of their costumes are out of this world.

burlesque boys 11

While some of their other costumes are literally the living end.

burlesque boys 12

Sometimes they travel in groups…. very sexy groups.

burlesque boys 13

Some of them are so glamorous that you can’t even see their faces!

burlesque boys 36

They’re so popular, that sometimes they get big heads.

burlesque boys 15

We love watching these performers slide along the floors, like sexy snakes.

burlesque boys 16

We salute these performers.

burlesque boys 01

They literally stand on their heads just for our entertainment.

burlesque boys 17

They also know how to shake a tail feather or two.

burlesque boys 18

Many of them look as delicious in clothes as they do out of them.

burlesque boys 19

They also look fantastic in barely anything at all.

burlesque boys 35

And some have very dedicated fans.

burlesque boys 20

Others look like they just stepped out of a Las Vegas show (or Carnivale).

burlesque boys 21

They certainly know how to strike a pose!

burlesque boys 22

And some are so naughty beyond belief.

burlesque boys 23

Even the scary ones are still frighteningly hot!

burlesque boys 24

We’d love to be used as props in their show.

burlesque boys 24

Or maybe we could help them with their wardrobes.

burlesque boys 25

We could also just clown around with them.

burlesque boys 26

Or we could get them some water because they gotta be thirsty. (Lord knows we are).

burlesque boys 27

We could also just watch them sit. That’s definitely okay too.

burlesque boys 28

Or just watch them flex.

burlesque boys 29

Because burlesque is always better with a friend!

burlesque boys 30



Featured image by Raul Souza

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