10 Sexy Pics from Burning Man 2017 That’ll Make You Wish You Attended

10 Sexy Pics from Burning Man 2017 That’ll Make You Wish You Attended

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Burning Man — the annual community art gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert — wraps up its 2017 event today. Soon its roughly 70,000 attendees will head home after eight days of art, community, music, sex and sandstorms. So we’ve decided to recount the fun by sharing 10 sexy photos from this year’s event.

What is Burning Man?

Burning Man attendees help create the event’s magical atmosphere by setting up communal theme camps where people can play and interact. Often the camps will offer comfort in the form of food, drink, massages, showers, art installations, crafts, entertainment or even the occasional dance or sex space.

These spaces offer their services without money or advertising, creating a temporary community that operates differently from the passive consumer spaces of everyday life.

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It’s also common for some Burning Man attendees to create large-scale art installations. You can head here to see art installations from this year’s event.

In addition to towering sculptures and eye-popping art cars set up around the “playa” — the name for the cracked and dusty plain spanning the event — there’s also a wooden temple and a tall Burning Man effigy, both of which go up in flames before the event’s end.

Tragedy at Burning Man 2017

This year, as the Burning Man went up in a towering inferno, a 41-year-old first-time attendee named Aaron Joel Mitchell slipped through the safety perimeter and jumped head-first into the flames. Firefighters watched as his body was engulfed, but they couldn’t risk saving him until the 50-foot Burning Man structure collapsed.

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Mitchell died. Although authorities say that he was not drunk, they’re awaiting a full toxicology report.


Here are 10 sexy shots from Burning Man 2017:

Blue eyes on the playa

Image by melody_thick

Fun with fur and art

Image by doctor.travis

A dark knight in shining armor

Image by frazaoandrey

Some clean, dirty fun

Image by doctor.travis

A neo-pagan walking the desert

Image by siminscreations

Hot tatts on a sexy lad

Image by trevelevated

A tall drink of water

Image by sherifkoyess

A dusty dude

Image by wisdomless1

Sexy pals enjoying the art

Image by andrewtechunter

A colorful hunk

Image by lilpapanach


Featured image by NeilLockhart via iStock

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