Burrito Hunk Feature Image
Burrito Hunk Feature Image

Thick and Meaty: Follow This Burrito Hunk’s Instagram on National Burrito Day

Whether it’s National Puppy Day or National Pancake Day, we love celebrating the weird, unique (and usually pointless) holidays. Mainly because it gives us the excuse of tossing in some hot dudes. Today is no different. On April 6th, we celebrate the deliciously phallic Tex-Mexican treat we’ve come to know and love, the burrito. And while we love sucking down burritos a whole bunch, there is one Instagram user who has dedicated his entire account to his love of burritos. Oh, and did we mention this burrito hunk likes to flaunt his appreciation semi-nude?

Charlie Q, who goes by the handle @burritofever on Instagram, has some of the greatest burrito art on the net. From parodies of Frank Ocean’s new album and Beyoncé’s pregnancy to calling out Donald Trump, to even giving himself (and others) a ‘burrito-job,’ his account is like no other. It’s easy to get lost on his page so we’ve compiled some of our favorite pictures and videos below.

The burrito hunk uses his favorite food to get political from time to time.

Fuck Donald Trump

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His burrito loving charm is so magnificent, it can even get hypnotic.

Even Arianna Grande agrees, this burrito hunk slays unlike any other.

FYI, Ariana’s definitely singing about her love of burritos in this song.

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Check out some of our favorite images from @burritofever’s Instagram and Tumblr here, and be sure to follow him and his future burrito-loving endeavors.

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