Is There Anything Funnier Than Straight Male Celebrities Discovering What ‘Bussy’ Means?

Is There Anything Funnier Than Straight Male Celebrities Discovering What ‘Bussy’ Means?

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It’s the little things in life that provide me with true comfort, particularly as the world around me is not-so-slowly devolving into a hellish pit of international authoritarianism, radicalized hate mongers and … well, literal infernos. (I live in L.A., and lately taking a deep breath outside is the equivalent of scarfing down the contents of an ashtray outside an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.) Lucky for me, “Celebrities Reading Thirst Tweets” is a thing, which means every now and then I’m offered a brief respite from shady politics and doomsday prognostication.

A web series created by Buzzfeed, the premise of these “Thirst Tweets” clips is simple: a male celebrity with an upcoming project to promote sits down in front of a seamless backdrop, prepared to read a selection of tweets penned by some of the web’s most jaw-droppingly awkward denizens. These are typically fans who have both a huge crush on said celebrity and no shame whatsoever. Some of these little ‘love notes’ are no doubt written by women, but many of them come straight from the delightfully twisted minds of gay men. (Props to Buzzfeed for being progressive, despite this almost assuredly creeping out a few of the guys.)

These thirst tweets are never funnier than when the star reading them is genuinely horrified by what he’s just been forced to imagine. And nothing — and I mean nothing — is better in these videos than when a straight celebrity encounters the word “bussy” for the very first time.

Two cases in point: the “Thirst Tweets” videos for Rocketman lead Taron Egerton and The Good Place actor Manny Jacinto.

As far as LGBTQ lingo goes, “bussy” — a combination of “boy” or “butt” (depends on whom you ask, I suppose) and “pussy” — is as gauche as it gets. The word itself is childishly raunchy and ridiculous, and not really our community’s best work. But that’s why it’s so damn funny when a straight guy — in this case these film and TV stars — initially encounter the word.

But the humor doesn’t necessarily come from them speaking the word “bussy”; instead it’s their confused-cum-utterly horrified reaction to it.

In the case of both Taron Egerton and Manny Jacinto, neither actor has a clue what they’ve just read, so they ask the Buzzfeed editor behind the camera for a bit of clarification.

“What’s a bussy?” Manny Jacinto asks, to which he’s told, “Basically their butthole.”

“What does that mean?” asks Taron Egerton. “It’s their butt,” he’s enlightened.

After said enlightenment, the looks on both guys’ faces is … well, they’re priceless. There’s quite literally nothing better. But don’t take my word for it. Watch for yourself.

Here’s Taron Egerton’s “Thirst Tweets” video (the “bussy” tweet is around 2:38):

And here’s Manny Jacinto’s “Thirst Tweets” video (the “bussy” tweet is around 0:25):

Thank you, Buzzfeed, for delivering small little slices of heaven to my newsfeed. And for making me completely forget — at least for four whole minutes — that the world around me is literally on fire.

Are you a fan of the “Celebrities Reading Thirst Tweets” videos? What are your thoughts on the word “bussy”?

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