Caitlyn Jenner Now Denounces Trump, But She’s Staying Committed to the Republican Party

Caitlyn Jenner Now Denounces Trump, But She’s Staying Committed to the Republican Party

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In a new interview, Caitlyn Jenner has denounced Donald Trump and his administration for their positions on LGBT issues. Jenner states that Trump “has been, for all LGBT issues, the worst president we have ever had.” But even though she feels that way about Trump, is Caitlyn Jenner Republican still?

“I want him to know politically I am disappointed, obviously. I don’t want our community to go backwards,” Jenner says. “Just leave us alone, that’s all we want. Then maybe later down the line, we can get somebody a little better.”

But even though Jenner is publicly lambasting Trump she stays committed to the Republican, as she explains that side is where she thinks she’ll be able to do the most good. She has also taken meetings with many of the highest ranking officials in the administration, including Vice President Mike Pence.

“I think it’s good that I’m on the Republican side because the Republicans know that, and I have an immediate in with them to change their minds,” Jenner says. “The Republicans need the most work when it comes to our issues. … I’m not the type of person who is going to stand on a street corner with a sign and jump up and down. No, I’m going to go have dinner with these people.”

Caitlyn Jenner with her daughters

The fact that Jenner is a Republican at all is the fuel of many of her critics. She’s met with U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, and says she believes the LGBTQ community stands to benefit from her decision to maintain a strong relationship with members of Trump’s cabinet.

Jenner even claims to have had a “a great conversation” with Mike Pence, who has an established history of supporting anti-LGBTQ legislation.

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“He did some really anti-LGBT community stuff,” Jenner says. “I know that. He’s also very Christian. He’s kinda like, from our standpoint, the real enemy. But that’s OK, I can handle that.”

Jenner says she explained to Pence that she, too, is a Christian, a conservative and someone who “pretty much vote[s] Republican. But I’m also trans. And I said, ‘I would love to share that conversation with you.’ And he looked me right in the eye and said, ‘You know what, I would love to do that.’”

Caitlyn Jenner seen wearing a MAGA hat

But later in the interview, when asked if she would ever vote for a Democrat, Jenner responds she actually doesn’t vote along party lines. “I don’t know who [is] in the Democratic Party,” she claims. “I would look at it. I don’t vote parties. I vote the person.”

But here’s the thing: Jenner’s criticism of Trump simply isn’t enough. What she also needs to acknowledge is that despite no longer supporting him, she did in fact support Donald Trump prior to his election. And for this she needs to apologize to the entire LGBTQ community.

Furthermore, Trump’s anti-LGBT ways aren’t far off from the rest of the Republican Party. If anything, his views are inspired by the core values that party holds. Jenner’s intentions to do more good on that side may on the surface seem noble, but by continuing to commit herself to furthering the success of the Republican Party she is committing herself to ensuring the rights of our community continue to be infringed.

For a person who transitioned in the public eye, you would think a transition from right to left would be forthcoming. But this Caitlyn Jenner Republican allegiance not only hurts her chances of ever being the trans activist she so desperately wants to be, but also the chance our community has to fully attain the rights we deserve as human beings.

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