Trans Celebrity Caitlyn Jenner Defends Donald Trump on ‘The View’ (Video)

Trans Celebrity Caitlyn Jenner Defends Donald Trump on ‘The View’ (Video)

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Conservative trans female reality star Caitlyn Jenner recently appeared on the daytime panel talk show The View to discuss U.S. President Donald Trump’s involvement with Russia and Jenner’s work on LGBTQ issues with the Trump administration.

When asked whether she cares about Trump’s possible collusion with Russia — a revelation that exploded this week after Donald Trump, Jr. admitted to meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have information against Hillary Clinton — Jenner responded:

“Politics is a dirty businesses. We could go over a million things that we don’t need to go over here because everybody knows about it. Hillary Clinton was out there looking for dirt on Trump. Trump was looking for dirt on Hillary. These are smear campaigns, y’know.  70 to 80%, it seems like, of the ads that are out there are not of what they’re going to do, it’s smearing the other person. So everybody’s looking for dirt.”

One of the panelists asked, “Looking for dirt with a foreign government?”

“Well,” Jenner replied, “I don’t want to get into all of this, but, as far as connections, as far as uranium one, selling uranium, giving 20% of Uranium One to the Soviets under Hillary Clinton. Y’know Hillary Clinton with the reset button …”

“She was never president though,” the panelist interjects.

“As far as … everybody’s talking to everybody. Recently Trump was over there, and I think it’s good that we have communication with the Russians.”

Some audience members began to clap in agreement with Jenner’s statement. In response, another View panelist cited a Weekly Standard article stating that people tend to excuse bad behavior when its committed by members of their own political party.

“What’s right and wrong shouldn’t be dependent on what party is in office,” the panelist said.

Another panelist said that they were most bothered by the idea that Trump’s business ties to Russia may just be one of many ways he’s using the presidency to make money.

Jenner replied:

“No, it doesn’t both me. We have to get somebody in there who can straighten things out. He’s shaken a lot of things up since he’s been in there and I think from that standpoint, that’s good. Let’s give the guy some time. What’s it been? Six months? In three and a half years form now, we get to decide again. And f it didn’t work out, let’s get him out and get somebody else in. If not, if by that time he’s lowered taxes, he’s helped the economy, he’s created jobs, he’s done all these things that are good for the country, then we can re-elect him.”

“And we’ll discover that I’m a natural blonde,” Whoopi Goldberg added.

In another segment, Goldberg pointed out that Jenner had once posted a video offering to sit down and discuss LGBTQ issues with Trump. Jenner admitted that the meeting has not happened, adding, “He’s kinda been busy lately.”

Jenner then says, “It was harder coming out as a Republican than it was coming out as trans in the current environment.” She continues:

“I do a lot of political things. I would say 80, 90 percent of it is behind the scenes. I think I really get a lot more accomplished that way. Very rarely do I ever do anything publicly. So, yeah, it’s uh … I’m glad I’m in the position that I’m in because I’ve got a good ‘in’ with the Republican party because, as we know, the Democrats do a much better job when it comes to LGBT issues — I know that. I’m not stupid…. the Republicans need help and I’m there to help them.”

When asked if she was disappointed that Trump didn’t acknowledge Pride month, Jenner said, “Yeah, I have been disappointed in a few ways. I thought he would be a little more outspoken when it came to LGBT issues… As far as the trans side of it, the T portion, he was very open about it at the beginning.”

Jenner said that back to 2012, Trump said he would be fine if a transgender contestant made it all the way to the finals of the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Jenner also mentioned Trump’s mention of LGBT issues at the Republican National Convention, but reiterated that she’s “a little disappointed,” adding, “I think it’s a lot of the people around him.”

Jenner claims that she has been able to talk to other people in Trump’s White House, but that she can’t name names or talk about it. “I try to keep it quiet,” she said, adding, “I’ve been to the Department of Education, I’ve been everywhere.”

She claimed to have a meeting with United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley about LGBT issues worldwide stating that while LGBTQ rights aren’t perfect in the United States, “They’d chop my head off in some countries.”

A panelist pointed out that Haley had a bad record on LGBT rights, even opposing same-sex marriage when she served as governor of South Carolina, but Jenner interjected that Haley did not follow North Carolina’s lead when it came to pursuing a transphobic bathroom bill. Regarding same-sex marriage, Jenner says that many people opposed same-sex marriage, but “The good news is, pretty much everybody’s come around.”

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