California DMV 69
California DMV 69

Alas, the California DMV Will Not Let You Make Oral Sex Jokes on Your License Plate

One Twitter user noticed that the California DMV forbids most motorists from putting “69,” the slang term for simultaneous oral sex, on vanity license plates:

A recent visit to the California DMV’s website confirms that this is true. The DMV will only issue license plates with “69” to vehicles from the year 1969. Presumably, those motorists aren’t making fellatio jokes (or if they are, they’re really dedicated to it).

Why the ban? The department’s website also notes that it will refuse license plate configurations that “carry connotations offensive to good taste and decency,” including anything with a sexual connotation. We guess somebody clued in the DMV’s administrators as to what “69” means. Nice.


(Header image via Flickr user Vince)

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