These 12 Sexy GIFs Are a ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Thirst Trap

These 12 Sexy GIFs Are a ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Thirst Trap

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Here are 12 Call Me By Your Name GIFs along with a few other moments that are the sexy thirst trap you didn’t know you needed this holiday season. Warning: spoilers ahead!

We loved Call Me By Your Name, but the film hasn’t hit movie theaters nationwide yet. We also understand people are busy with the holidays right around the corner, so dedicating three hours to the long-winded gay romance may be tough. Let’s be honest: You just want to see the gorgeous and talented pair of Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet get it on in the film.

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Have no fear! We found some of the hottest moments and featured them in an easy-to-read listicle for your viewing pleasure. But beware, there are spoilers. So if you plan on seeing the film, maybe resist the temptation to take a look at some of the film’s hottest moments below.


Here are 12 sexy AF Call Me By Your Name GIFs:

1. This was still when the sexual tension between them was high.

2. Their first kiss was intense.

3. So intense it needs to be on a hottest kiss list somewhere.

4. Oh… so that’s why it’s called Call Me By Your Name.

5. We couldn’t believe this move when we saw it.

6. In the daylight they couldn’t show their love in public.

7. But nighttime was a different story.

8. And they just keep going in…

9. … deeper and deeper!

10. Their naked bodies look perfectly interwined here.

11. We’d gladly roll over to get on top of Armie Hammer.

12. But every good love affair has to come to an end.

It’s not a GIF, but here is a still of Timothee Chalamet’s butt.

And here is another one of Armie Hammer, too.

But this scene was maybe the hottest one of them all, and thankfully for you we found it.

Oh… and you can’t forget about that peach.

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