Calvin Klein’s New Hunk Has a History of Getting Naked On Camera (Photos)

Calvin Klein’s New Hunk Has a History of Getting Naked On Camera (Photos)

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Calvin Klein was recently spotted with a very hot hunk out and about, and we did some digging to find out who he is.

Their relationship is not confirmed, but they were seen holding hands on a red carpet at the American Ballet Theatre.

They were also spotted together in St. Barts, but at the time the photos came out, people had trouble identifying the stud.

Klein has a past of stooping hunky twinks. He dated ex-porn star and model Nick Gruber for two years. “Gruber proved to be something of a wild child, though, getting arrested on cocaine charges and being thrown out of Fire Island’s Ascension party,” writes New Now Next.

Gruber later divulged all the juicy details of their relationship in a tell-all book. He then married a woman.

So who is the new beau?

His name is Kevin Baker. The 29-year-old ripped hunk has a long history of getting naked — both artistically and not so artistically. He made headlines a few years ago when photos of him jerking off on a webcam leaked, and his modeling agency asked Queerty to take them down.

If you’re falling hard for Baker but bummed he’s taken by Klein, don’t worry — he has a twin who is also a model.

Grab some water because Kevin Baker’s nude photos will make you thirstier than ever.

Those seeking the “full monty” can head here and here.

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