White Supremacist Gay-for-Pay Porn Star Arrested During Massive SWAT Team Raid

White Supremacist Gay-for-Pay Porn Star Arrested During Massive SWAT Team Raid

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Str8UpGayPorn reports that gay-for-pay porn star Cameron Diggs was arrested yesterday near Dallas, Texas following a massive SWAT team raid.

Cameron Diggs made headlines last year for his Nazi inspired tattoos and admitted racists beliefs.

Str8UpGayPorn editor Zachary Sire wrote for VICE:

Upon the release of a scene for San Francisco–based gay porn studio NakedSword last April, commenters on gay porn blogs excoriated Diggs for the tattoos—specifically the Iron Crosses on his chest and the SS Bolts on his hips, both of which are classified as hate symbols by the ADL.

Despite the backlash, NakedSword (the company for whom Diggs filmed the majority of his scenes) continued to promote his work, as well as a live appearance in Chicago at an industry awards ceremony last May. As the controversy continued to grow, neither NakedSword nor Diggs responded to multiple requests for comment on the tattoos’ significance, or lack thereof. It was entirely possible, of course, that Diggs wasn’t a racist at all, and the tattoos were just a very unfortunate coincidence. The Iron Cross, for example, is often used in surfing and skateboard culture in a completely non-racist manner.

An account using Digg’s name wrote a comment on Str8UpGayPorn responding to the backlash. “I believe people should want to be proud of who they are and where they come from,” the account wrote. “I feel like we are suppose [sic] to continue our race and our culture… When it comes to having kids, I prefer to stay inside my race. It’s nothing hateful towards any race, it’s just what I believe. Why is that so wrong? Does that make me a racist?”

Many believed porn studios should pull Diggs from their sites and CockyBoys was one the studios to do so. “We removed Cameron’s scene after reading his response,” CockyBoys director and CEO, Jake Jaxson, told VICE. “His statement does not represent the basic values of mutual respect and acceptance that is the mission of CockyBoys.”

Yesterday, Diggs and three other people were in arrested following a SWAT operation at an apartment complex near Dallas, Texas. NBC 5 Reporter Cory Smith initially reported hearing “a series of loud booms in the Oak Lawn area,” and tweeted that there was “a growing police presence.”

Next, he tweeted a collage of the men being arrested. One of them is no doubt Cameron Diggs.

We will keep you updated as developments are released for this story.

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