We Love The Campaign to Get #LGBTSuperheroes On the Big Screen

We Love The Campaign to Get #LGBTSuperheroes On the Big Screen

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Modern comics regularly cast long-loved characters as LGBT: The X-Men’s Iceman, for instance, recently came out as gay, Catwoman and Mystique are both bisexual and last year we got our very first transgender mainstream superhero, Sera. But we have yet to see an LGBT comic book superhero on the big screen. Director Mike Buonaiuto is looking to change that.

Buonaiuto is the presumably gay founder (we say “presumably” based on his Facebook page) of the “social change company” ShapeHistory.com. He and his company released a trailer for the #LGBTSuperheroes campaign to coincide with this weekend’s MCM Comic Con in London. His video (above) shows an Iceman character falling for a fire-bending superhero and some dramatic twists as the Iceman gets captured by bad guys.

It’s not exactly Hollywood-level production value, but it’s well on its way, and much more progressive than Hollywood’s current superhero films that haven’t even dared to put an LGBT savior onscreen. Sadly, we don’t have openly LGBT superheroes on the small screen either (although Xena Warrior Princess is about to come back to us as an unabashed lesbian).

But considering that Marvel’s Deadpool enjoyed femdom and pegging in his recent film, perhaps we’re closer to a sexually-fluid film hero than we think? The recent hashtag campaigns seeking to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend and #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend shows that there’s certainly a fan-base who would reward such a bold move, if done well by a major comics film studio.

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video for the #LGBTSuperhero trailer below. Buonaiuto also mentions that you can sign an online pledge asking big studios to commit to greater character diversity, though it also seems to be a way for his site to snag some e-mail addresses of progressive minded-folks, so caveat emptor.

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