Can A Straight Woman Use ‘Fag’ In Greeting Card Designs?

Can A Straight Woman Use ‘Fag’ In Greeting Card Designs?

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Greeting card designer Susanne Fox is creating quite the controversy with a Valentine’s Day creation that uses the word “fag”. Fox, who is a straight woman herself, claims she made the card after hearing that gay men faced few options in the card isle this time of the year, telling Parkslope Patch:

“A lesbian friend of mine who works with a Broadway production company mentioned that the boys at work were upset about a lack of man-to-man Valentine’s Day cards.”

“I brainstormed a few ideas with my friend and the rest was easy.”

Fox designed several LGBT themed cards, but the one being called exploitative reads, “When you asked to borrow a fag I told you, Come and Get Me. Glad to be your Valentine.”


The word fag is clearly used as a pun here on the British slang for cigarette, but also refers to a gay man. Without resorting to name-calling or crazy talk, we’d like to hear from you boys and girls about how you feel about the card, and the use of the word in general?

Is it OK for straight people to use the words “faggot” and “fag”? Is it even OK for gays to? Do you appreciate someone designing with LGBT’s in mind, or would you prefer that gays design for gays?

Tell us how you feel about the subject.

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