Can France Get a Slow Clap for Sending a Gay Ambassador to the Vatican?

Can France Get a Slow Clap for Sending a Gay Ambassador to the Vatican?

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We told you recently about the six gay (white, male…) American ambassadors hosting a first-of-its-kind panel, and of Ambassador to the Dominican Republic James Brewster’s less than hospitable reception by the Catholic Church upon his arrival in the country.

While some of you wondered why the United States would send an LGBT diplomat to a country that wouldn’t warmly welcome them, even more of you wanted to know why the State Department wasn’t appointing gay ambassadors to ALL of the countries that had frosty records on gay rights.

Well, France was way ahead of you eager beavers.

France is standing by its nominee to be ambassador to the Holy See, an official said on Friday, despite the Vatican’s failure to confirm his posting for more than three months, a delay that French and Italian media said was due to his sexuality.

Francois Hollande’s government nominated the president’s head of protocol, Laurent Stefanini, for the post on Jan. 5 but has still not heard back from the Vatican.

“We are still waiting for the reply to the request for his validation. Laurent Stefanini is one of our best diplomats, that is why we are proposing him,” a source at Hollande’s Elysee Palace told Reuters.

Bravo must be a season behind in Western Europe because France and Vatican City are reenacting every single conversation from last year’s Real Housewives of Atlanta. (You know, the season where the ladies learned about tea and shade and proceeded to begin every sentence to one another with, “No shade, but…”)

rhoa the shade gif, real housewives the shade, nene the shade honey, nene shade gif

A French Catholic newspaper labeled Stefanini’s appointment “a provocation”, and Cool Pope Francis has yet to break the impasse with a round of Fireball french toast shots during a late brunch.

You’d think that Ambassador Stefanini’s ambassadorship would be a no-brainer. After all, the French lend a casual air of elegance to almost any social engagement, and Rome could really use some help classing up their secret priest sex party circuit.

Attention U.S. State Department, this is how it’s done.

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