You Can Now Attend A Pride Parade In <em>Grand Theft Auto 5</em>

You Can Now Attend A Pride Parade In Grand Theft Auto 5

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True gaymers know that World of Warcraft has been hosting gay Pride parades for years: colorful events where night elves, orcs and other mythical creatures walk the digital landscape to show that they’re here, they’re queer and they’re level 52 demon hunters. The world of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) has just caught up thanks to Stockholm Pride, the annual Scandanavian Pride event that draws over 45,000 revelers each year.

The Swedish parade organizer partnered with the advertising agency Garbergs to release a modification for GTA 5 called “Los Santos Pride”, named after the game’s fictional L.A.-esque city. Now, whenever you get tired of beating up hookers, running over cops and gunning down pedestrians, you can go celebrate Pride. But unlike every other part of the GTA universe, mod creators say that you can’t kill any or destroy any aspect of the parade.

“We’ve made the parade indestructible. Not to moralize, but rather to show that love will always triumph over hate,” Stockholm Pride president Christian Valtersson said.

You should watch the video above to get a sense of just how detailed the parade is: people wear rainbow-colored t-shirts, there’s a pink monster truck, a lesbian DJ spinning on the back of a semi, political signs like “Love Comes in All Colors” and even a rainbow heart for Orlando. Pretty incredible!

Previously Published July 13, 2016.

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