Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Peeps?

Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Peeps?

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Sunday mornings are usually a cherished ritual of NPR’s A Prairie Home Companion and Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me, Nick’s pancake recipe-of-the-week, and the Seattle Times. I start with the funny pages and make my way to the front page after Nick is through. The plants get watered at some point, and then we blog, blog, blog. It’s pretty much the type of vanilla normality that conservatives are afraid of. Gays – they’re just like us!

In any case, Nick is in New Orleans on business this weekend, so I traded in the pancakes for a turkey burger while I read the paper. In the NW Arts & Life section, I stumbled upon this gem.

Big Bird, The Count (Ah-ah-ah!), Bert, Cookie Monster, Ernie, and Oscar are all repping for the SS in peep form. I can’t even handle the preciousness of it all.

Sesame Peeps is the creation of 6-year-old Annabelle Kisky here in Seattle. She used Peeps, Peep bunnies, marshmallow fondant and ice-cream cone (for Oscar’s trash can) to make a likeness of everyone’s favorite children’s show. And she did it all herself, even the photoshop work on the street sign! Well, Dad helped cut out the windows for her. But still… Amazing! Annabelle took home the grand prize in the Seattle Times’ Peeps Contest.

This is the best thing to happen to Sesame Street since Katy Perry’s yellow dress!

Some of our other favorites from the contest were takes on Nirvana, Harry Potter, and Black Swan. Check them out!

[imagebrowser id=15]

Let’s hear it for Annabelle! Happy Easter, y’all!

Via Seattle Times

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