Carmen Carrera Puts Caitlyn Jenner on Blast by Publishing Fiery Text Conversation

Carmen Carrera Puts Caitlyn Jenner on Blast by Publishing Fiery Text Conversation

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Carmen Carrera just took to social media to put a fellow trans reality TV star on blast, posting fiery Caitlyn Jenner text conversations, and even calling out Jenner’s alleged girlfriend Sophia Hutchinson.

After Carrera spoke out against Jenner being honored at an event for her work in the community to TMZ, Jenner texted Carrera asking her to talk.

“Hey it’s Caitlyn we need to talk,” reads the initial Caitlyn Jenner text sent to Carmen Carrera. “Instead of putting negative things out in the press, about me, which hurts what I’m doing, you should be aware of what I’m actually doing. Call me and I’ll give you an update.”

Carmen Carrera responded: “Although I’m happy someone has knocked some sense into you, please don’t forget about how I came to you with ideas of moving this movement outwards and you said you’d help but you never did. If you’d like to have dinner to apologize and make it up to me, lets do it. Less talking, more doing.”

Carmen Carrera then said that TMZ was “begging [her] to do another interview.”

After Carrera didn’t hear back from Jenner, she reached out to Sophia Hutchinson, who is reportedly dating Jenner. Hutchinson responded with ice, saying Carrera had burned a bridge and she wouldn’t be hearing back from Jenner.

This really ticked off Carrera, who responded to Hutchinson’s claims by saying, “A bridge? A bridge would entail having a connection between both sides. Cait is a flake.”

Carrera’s post of the Caitlyn Jenner text conversation was accompanied by a detailed caption that explains the relationship she formerly had with Jenner following the latter’s transition. In her caption, Carmen Carrera explains what she’d done for the former Olympian behind the scenes, and that Jenner lacked the ability to reciprocate any generosity once Carrera asked her to contribute to some of her own activist work.

Read the entire Instagram caption by Carmen Carrera here:

Listen, I have a very out going personality, especially when I care about someone. I met Caitlyn Jenner at her house in Malibu when she first transitioned. I gifted her an amazing gift basket with sentimental things to get her through her transition, never asked for a photo or even for a spot on her now cancelled reality show because I wanted to show that I genuinely cared and wanted a friendship with her to help her grow. Sisterhood.

I made myself very available (even offering my advice on how to feminize her living space when I was asked by her production managers because she didn’t know). I also asked if she wanted to help me spread equality throughout Latin America because I knew it was a big job I couldn’t do alone.

What I found was this lady’s ego is way too big for no reason and she’s the most selfish person I’ve ever met. She even told me to my face that she “wanted to be #1”, whatever that means. Doing humanitarian work means you have to actually be a human.

Honestly, what does she actively do everyday for trans folks? And why does she take credit for what real activists are doing? Who even is she?.. A retired athletic hero turned background reality star, who is now stealing credit from the already disenfranchised trans community all for her own public benefit?

God please protect me because I know I got that east coast mouth when I gotta speak the truth. I cant stay quiet anymore and I refuse to kiss someone’s butt or fear someone else especially when I can see right through the bs.

@caitlynjenner if you want to be a real hero, run a few triathlons and donate the money to these LGBTQ organizations who really need it. Be active with us, HUMBLE YOURSELF and let your “celebrity” take a backseat.

Be who you really are instead of who you think you need to be to gain more popularity. I will not let you take advantage of my people. Also, since you’re too much of a coward to communicate, please do not send your sidekick to handle your dirty work. She’s just as fake as you are. @hutchins_sophia ?

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