Carmen Carrera Lets Porn Star Jenna Jameson Have It After Transphobic ‘Playboy’ Comments

Carmen Carrera Lets Porn Star Jenna Jameson Have It After Transphobic ‘Playboy’ Comments

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“I just think it’s a ridiculous attempt by Playboy to stay relevant. It is a foolish decision that alienates its consumer base,” porn star Jenna Jameson told Fox News as her response to the magazine’s decision to make trans French model Ines Rau a Playmate. (While she’s not the first trans woman to be featured in Playboy, she’s the first to be an official Playmate.) But a certain Drag Race alumna wasn’t having it, and the Carmen Carrera Jenna Jameson spat that followed is one for the record books.

Following Jameson’s initial outrage — and the backlash that followed — the porn star voiced her own outrage at being called “transphobic” via Twitter: “Just because I don’t agree with a trans person being in Playboy doesn’t mean I’m ‘transphobic.’ People these days with all their ‘phobics.’”

Following another tweet from Jameson in which she told someone, presumably a trans woman, “You should dedicate your morning to balancing your injectable estrogen,” Carmen Carrera took to her own social media accounts to respond:

First of all lady, @jennajameson @jennacantlose, Gay and Trans are two very different things. Let’s get that straightened out. Secondly, men who read @playboy ARE attracted to trans women. AND… since you know about porn, you probably already know that transgender porn makes up a HUGE part of the sales in the porn industry… so, yes, trans women do belong among side biological females when it comes to showcasing for men who are attracted to women. PERIOD. And what’s this about injectable estrogen???? What a low blow… but you’re not transphobic???? ??? <a class="_58cn" href="" data-ft="{"tn":"*N","type":104}">#GirlBye

After that post, the conversation between the two moved to Instagram direct messages (which was then posted to Facebook as screenshots).


Here’s the Carmen Carrera Jenna Jameson Instagram convo:

Jameson: Carmen, I am reporting you for targeted harassment. By posting this and tagging me, I am getting death threats and so is my child.

Carrera: I’m sorry that you’re getting death threats, that is something I cannot control. However, when you publicly decide to share your opinion you put your own self and your beautiful family at risk. I think that your view is very ignorant (considering you probably have never had a genuine connection to a trans person) and also very narrow minded to the facts of business. I also believe you are deeply afraid of change at your core and that’s something for you to work on. 🙂

Jameson: You have a huge amount of beliefs about me that are assumptions. I am appalled at the vitriolic hate coming from the lgbt community right now. It would be so easy for this to be a chance for you and your brothers and sisters to teach, yet most of you take it upon yourself to sling hatred… something you preach against. And you bloody well knew posting what you did would rally a horde to attack me … not cute or cool. This whole thing is a good way to lose people who truly love LGBT… Just because I feel that making a transgender a playmate isn’t right doesn’t mean my opinion is wrong… it just makes it my opinion. You’ve lost me as a fan… Peace.

Carrera: Listen, I get it, you have an opinion. Nothing wrong with that. BUT what you fail to realize is that your opinion is prejudice and discriminatory. It promotes hate, stereotypes and division. You are not just a mom, you are a judge public figure to many people and by sharing some negative opinion you are throwing dirt on someone else’s achievement. If you really loved the LGBT, and if you were really an ally, I believe the right thing to do is be more inclusive because facts remain. There is a market for trans people in men’s interest and there is a huge influence on social media for that same promotion of equality.

Jameson: I really wish or anyone else should have come to me and said these things… I am truly sorry that what I said hurt anyone. I have ties to Playboy, and I took it personally. I am human. But now I am literally hated and my words have been twisted, and I’m on the defense.

Carrera: The same hatred you feel is the same energy that has been thrown onto trans people’s shoulders for eons. It’s finally our time to be included. It’s finally our time to be released from the oppression and we’ve been working our butt off to uplift this community during these extremely tense times in politics. You could be a bit more mindful that everyone has a struggle. You’ve had a great career that didn’t require a uterus.

UPDATE, 6:45 p.m.: Carrera and Jameson appear to have “made up,” according to a few new messages Carrera has posted as a screenshot:

Carrera: Anyways, don’t get too hung up on internet drama. Just please understand we are just fighting to be included. We want to get naked, too! <3

Jameson: God bless… And by the way, if anyone should be naked, it’s you! <3

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