This Four-Way Brazilian Make Out Session at Carnatal Is Mega-Hot

This Four-Way Brazilian Make Out Session at Carnatal Is Mega-Hot

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We have no idea what’s happening here, but someone got a three-way kiss that becomes a four-way kiss between sexy Brazilians on video. So obviously, we had to share with you because that is our duty as queer journalists. The video had more than one million views at press time. The 20-second-clip was posted to the Facebook page “Notícias No Face.” The video’s caption translates to, “See how the sixth Carnatal was!”

Carnatal is the largest “micareta,” or off-season Carnival, in Brazil. It is held annually in December in the city of Natal in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

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While some outlets called these hot Brazilian men athletes because of what they’re wearing, we actually think thats the clothing of their “bloco” or block. A bloco is an organization that obtains permission to participate in Carnatal, hires the band, sells tickets and controls access to an area around the “trio elétrico.”

Like other micaretas, Carnatal is different from the samba dance school parades popular in Rio de Janeiro. The central feature of a micareta is a large truck called a “trio elétrico.” The trio elétrico is wired with loudspeakers and has a band performing on the flat-bed. The truck drives slowly along the streets. The crowd follows the trio elétrico singing, dancing and partying to the sound of the music. To be allowed to follow the truck, one must buy admittance to one of the several blocos.

Comments on the video range from super supportive to violently homophobic.

One posted, “That is so hot and so many levels.”

Another wrote: ‘‘Twas the night after kissing strangers the gays laid in their beds. With a mouth full of herpes and their texts left on read. Till this very day not a single gay knows how they caught it.”

One Facebook user wasn’t homophobic, but still didn’t approve of the act. “I never understood 3 way kissing,” they wrote. “It’s too complicated. Too much going on. My kisses ain’t a video game.”

Excuse us while we book tickets for Carnatal 2018.

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