Carnival 2017 São Paulo: 65,000 Partiers and 1 Super Sexy #HornetGuy (Photos)

Carnival 2017 São Paulo: 65,000 Partiers and 1 Super Sexy #HornetGuy (Photos)

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Brazil has been all wrapped up in celebrating Carnival, and on Feb. 25, the Agrada Gregos — one of the biggest Carnival block parties in São Paulo — brought over 65,000 merrymakers to the city’s Bela Vista neighborhood.

The Agrada Gregos (which translates to “Please Greeks” in English) get their name from a Brazilian proverb that says “to please greeks and trojans,” used when someone is trying to please everybody.

The parade started at 4 p.m. and made its way through Downtown São Paulo. Throughout the parade, there were performances from singers Adryana Ribeiro and Tati Quebra Barraco, and when there wasn’t a singer onstage, DJs kept the music going.

Hornet — the world’s premier gay social network, and the most popular way to meet guys in Brazil by far — was there celebrating as well, presenting its very own #HornetGuy to the world. He stood upon a trio elétrico — a Brazilian truck with a massive built-in soundsystem — throughout the whole parade.

Here are a few shots of what happened:

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