This Gorgeous Instahunk’s Comeback Story Will Break Your Heart and Give You Hope

This Gorgeous Instahunk’s Comeback Story Will Break Your Heart and Give You Hope

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Instagram hunk Carson Tueller is going viral right now. Not just because of his good looks, but because of his powerful comeback story that is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time.

Tueller was a college student at Weber State University in Utah. Tragedy struck when while home for the holidays in 2013, he and his sister visited a trampoline park.

“It was my first jump in,” he explained on Instagram. He continued:

I watched my little brother and sister tumble into the foam pit, and it was my turn. The foam was somewhat deteriorated and I could tell the pit needed to be fluffed. But assuming the park itself maintained its facilities, I tumbled from the trampoline into the pit, pulling the hardest front tuck I could mange, attempting my usual triple.

I flew through the air, through the foam, and landed on the back on my head at the bottom of the trampoline, and then hit whatever was below that. I heard a crack. My neck stung. My body settled with the bouncing trampoline and I tried to get up. Nothing. Confused, I tried again. I couldn’t move anything.
As I lay buried under blocks of foam, my dad came into the pit with me. “Dad, I think I’m paralyzed.” Paramedics were called, and as we waited for life-flight to arrive, I tried to comfort my father as he said over and over, “My boy, my boy…” I was flown to the hospital where I would undergo an immediate spinal fusion and begin the long road to recovery.

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