‘Cash Cab’ Returned This Week With Drew Droege and Michael Urie in the Backseat

‘Cash Cab’ Returned This Week With Drew Droege and Michael Urie in the Backseat

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Cash Cab makes its return to the Discovery Channel this week, five years after the series’ original run came to an end. Comedian Ben Bailey is back in the driver’s seat as host, quizzing unsuspecting riders on trivia questions that either result in some cash or an early boot from the cab.

Time Out New York teamed up with the show to surprise Michael Urie and Drew Droege with an appearance in the Cash Cab. The pair are currently in the middle of a run of the show Bright Colors and Bold Patterns at SoHo Playhouse. Droege stars and Urie directed.

Bailey quizzed them on some New York City centric trivia and they ended up doing pretty good.

How real is Cash Cab? Warning: Spoiler alert.

The premise of Cash Cab is pretty hard to believe. One former contestant ended up breaking his non-disclosure agreement and blogged about the whole experience, revealing how they get people in the cab and what happens once the bright lights and sirens go off.

Discovery producers recruit contestants for the show by pretending they’ve been selected for a another, fictional series. While on the way to film that made up show, a van breaks down, and the contestants have to take a cab. A producer then hands them a $20 bill. Once they get in, they’re sincerely surprised to find out they’ve just hailed the Cash Cab.

Everything from there is pretty much what you see, until the end when they’re handed that cold hard cash. They give the cash back, and get a check in the mail a few weeks later. The title “Check in the Mail Cab” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it now, does it?

One thing different this season is celebrities will be joining riders in the backseat, helping them out as the questions get harder to answer. Bailey revealed on Good Morning America that Matthew Perry, Brooke Shields, Gilbert Gottfried and more will appear in the next season.

Cash Cab airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

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