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These editors' picks are some of the best articles the Hornet editorial team has to offer. Whether you're looking for grooming guides, gay photography or investigative reporting, we have it all in our editors' picks category. This section is carefully curated by Hornet's talented team of editors to bring you high-quality content you're sure to love and want to share. In addition to covering some of the latest breaking gay news, Hornet's editors dedicate their time to delivering the best gay-centric content around. From travel guides to dating stories, there is an endless supply of great gay content just waiting for you. Our editors' picks span the gamut of News, Entertainment, Culture, Health and Travel stories. Furthermore, Hornet — the world's premier gay social network with more than 25 million users worldwide — connects you with gay men around the planet, allowing you to connect with other guys over just such content.
18 Queer People Of Asian Descent Who Are Kicking Ass in 2021

Here are 18 LGBTQ Asian and Asian-Americans who are truly kicking ass in the new year, through art, advocacy, politics and more.

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Editors' Picks
These Hornet Users Had Our Favorite Posts of the Past Week

With more than 30 million users around the world, on any given day the Hornet Feed features slices of life from a wide variety of guys. So in an attempt to highlight the diversity of our userbase and showcase some of our favorite Feed contributions, we’ve gathered our favorite posts[…]

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Cringe! Trinity the Tuck’s Secret Reddit Account Exposes a Litany of Bad Behavior

Does Trinity the Tuck have a suspicious secret Reddit past? It would appear so, as the latest Trinity the Tuck Reddit drama is all drag lovers are talking about these days. On January 6, a Twitter user asked the drag star, who appeared on Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race[…]

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After All These Years, Xena is STILL Kicking Hercules’ Ass

Ready for a good old-fashioned Lucy Lawless Twitter smackdown? The ‘Xena’ star is still kicking Hercules’ conservative ass after all these years.

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