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Lonely and Alive at the AIDS/LifeCycle

Somewhere between San Francisco and Los Angeles is a pack of 3,200 bicyclists, roadies and volunteers  – as well as a group of embedded journalists who are covering the madness. Somewhere amidst this madness is me, Nick Vivion, your esteemed Unicorn Booty representative and do-gooder. I’m here capturing the stories […]

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United States of HIV Infographic has put together an exceptional interactive infographic of HIV infection rates in America. The static image we’re using here shows just how widespread this illness is in our country, but you really haven’t seen anything until you play around with their interactive version over HERE.

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World’s First Man Cured of HIV

Timothy Ray Brown is being hailed by the global medical community as the first HIV-positive person to ever be successfully cured of the disease. A potential HIV vaccine has been big news lately, with one research group ready to take their vaccine into human clinical trials, but this medical miracle […]

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HIV Vaccine Ready For Human Clinical Trials

Oregon Health & Science University’s Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute has created a vaccine that has managed to prevent rhesus monkeys from becoming infected by HIV. The vaccine has proved to be so successful, that it is being readied for human clinical trials. It looks like an HIV vaccine could […]

College Grad Skipping Graduation for NYC AIDS Walk

We stumbled across Christian Oliveira’s story this morning. Homeboy is skipping out on his graduation from Rutgers University (so is my sister, Christina!) this year in order to participate in the New York City AIDS Walk on behalf of his HIV-positive pal, Jay. I can hardly do his story justice […]

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Johnson & Johnson Refuses To Share Critical AIDS Medications With World

Pharmaceutical juggernaut Johnson & Johnson is accused of blocking access to life-saving medications for AIDS victims in developing countries (Re: no money) around the world. J&J holds patents to three medications that it refuses to grant to the Medicines Patent Pool, which is credited with treating 6 millions AIDS patients […]

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The Award Winning HIV 3D Model That Will Give You Nightmares

We’ve been accused of sensationalizing news in the past, so let’s begin with a disclaimer: This actually gave me a nightmare. There. Let’s move on. Mad props to the insanely talented Ivan Konstantinov and his team at Visual Science for crating the most insanely detailed computer graphic of HIV the […]


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