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If you're on the hunt for articles related to gay entertainment, peruse our stories. Hornet delves into the world of entertainment to keep you informed and — well, entertained.

Looking for the latest on Lady Gaga, or the new gay indie band of your dreams? Want to see Steven Universe's first gay kiss or groundbreaking moments in acclaimed queer cartoons? Maybe you're a literature junkie looking for the next big LGBTQ novel. You can find all of that here within our entertainment stories.

If there are two things gays know how to do, it's how to entertain and how to devour entertainment culture, which is why we cover the gay entertainment world.

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Editors' Picks
Defining the Gay Experience One Tweet at a Time

The gay experience: vibrant, often hilarious, and wholly undefinable. These tweets delve into some of the things we’ve claimed for the culture.

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Editors' Picks
‘Uncle Frank’ Paints a Portrait of Family Life Recognizable to Many Gay Men

Alan Ball’s new film Uncle Frank exposes deep-seated Southern homophobia in much the same way 2018’s Academy Award-winning Green Book approached racism. It couches the painful realities of the title character’s existence in 1973 in a mostly funny, entertaining, and ultimately feel-good package. Some might find it reductive and insignificant.[…]

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Editors' Picks
Part-Screwball, Part-Schmaltz, ‘Happiest Season’ Puts the ‘LGBTQ’ Back in Christmas

The Clea DuVall-directed LGBTQ Christmas film Happiest Season is part screwball comedy, part coming-out drama, part Hallmark schmaltz.

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We’re Keeping a Running Tally of the Male Celebrities You’ll Find on OnlyFans

We’re keeping a running tally of male celebrities on OnlyFans, from athletes and actors to musicians.

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