The Simpsons

Neil Patrick Hairless – Disco Collared Gay Dog

Admittedly, we haven’t tuned into The Simpsons regularly since we were teenagers, but the Monday morning quarterbacking about last Sunday’s episode had us regretting the error of our ways. The Simpsons has gone gay before. “Hot stuff, coming throuuuugh”, anyone? Heck, Smithers can barely keep his Burns-on in his pants […]

J.Lo Venus

New Music From Lopez: J.LOusy

I have a good pal who lives and breathes all things Jennifer Lopez (Hey Doc!). He must be coughing and wheezing up a storm today, because La Diva Latina has gone and recorded a cover of the 80’s Night fixture, Venus. Why, J.Lo? Why??? To hawk razors, of course. Jennifer […]


We may or may not have choked up a bit last night when Glee’s Chris Colfer took home the award for Best TV Supporting Actor. His out and proud high school student, Kurt Hummel, had us at Single Ladies last season. It feels right to finally put a Globe on […]

And I'm here to stay

Lesbian Rappers Delight!

We’re officially in love with these ladies. Can I get a “Heeeeeell yeeeeeah, I’m gay. And I don’t care what people say.” The recipe has all the makings of a ridiculously cheesy YouTube video – but somehow it all adds up to a deliciously catchy anthem for the black power-lesbian in us all.

Fuckin Perfect

Preview Pink’s New Anti-Bullying Video

Her Pinkness has just released a 49 second clip of her new anti-bullying anthem, Fuckin’ Perfect. Ooh! Naughty words. The clip is a kind of a slow burn, but homegirl hasn’t let us down yet. We’re totally digging her new role as godmother of all the lonely boys and girls […]

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