It’s Like A FitBit For Your Vagina

If you absolutely don’t want to get laid on Valentine’s Day, get your lady a gift that infers her vagina is as loose as the “before” pants in a diet ad. And while you’re at it, get her a gift certificate for a facelift. You’ll probably end up alone in your man-cave […]

The NSFW Penis Identification Guide

It’s been about 200 years or so since we checked in on the state of phallic diversity, so boy oh boy were we pleased to find Manhunt’s handy dandy crotch candy guide in our inbox this morning. Manhunt is all about the penis. We essentially traffic in it. Celebrating the […]

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Safe Sex Trading Cards – Fun! Sexy! Cardy!

Condoms and lube and Uno! Oh my! Unicorn Booty reader Nelson sent these sexy beasts our way. Play Smart trading cards are an honest and straight-forward approach to promote harm reduction, HIV testing and post-exposure prophylaxis. Play Smart is packaged with two trading cards, a sticker, condoms and lube. The […]

Is Sex Addiction Real?

With Anthony Weiner’s dick pics slowly fading into the background, the discussion about healthy sex in our culture remains. Thankfully, this is a national dialogue that could use a little bit of rationality. The United States as a country has a Puritan and generally unhealthy attitude towards sex. But does […]

A Detailed Look At Sex Injuries (Infographic)

Terror in your living room! Who would have guessed a sofa is a more dangerous sport for getting it on than a car? And who the hell are these people having sex on the toilet? Today’s infographic tackles the most dangerous spots for sex, the most frequently injured body parts […]

Sex In the Cities (Infographic)

What are the most sexually satisfied cities in America? The least? Which country knocks the most boots? And who blows through condoms the fastest? All this and more in today’s infographic. (via)

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Ranking the Cost of Ancient Roman Sex Acts – Fun!

Admittedly, until today we had never even heard of spintria, ancient Roman coins with pictures of various sex acts along with the going rate printed right on them. But suddenly, we are obsessed! Spintria were used at the height of the Roman Empire so that the melting pot full of […]

NSFW and Too Juicy to Ignore

Everything Gay That’s Just Too Naughty for Work

Cover your screens and make sure you’re alone because this content has been rated NSFW. Take a look at all the wild and crazy action that’s going viral in the gay community. From outrageous parties to titillating internet memes, you can get your fill of indulgent content right here.

Whether it’s a nude slip ‘n slide or an adults-only coloring book, we love to get down and bring fantasies to life. What better place for all this silliness than the magnificent world wide web. Here people of all walks of life can blast their dirty desires to the rest of the world, resulting in a mix of highly intoxicating content.

If someone comes up with something delightfully indecent, they will surely find an audience online. That’s why we proudly collect all kinds of NSFW content, so you don’t have to go traipsing around the internet looking for the good stuff yourself.

Regardless of what kind of raunchiness you’re into, you’re bound to find something that whets your appetite. Just remember to leave the office first, because this page is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!