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Editors' Picks
‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’ Squanders Its Stellar Cast With a Severe Lack of Funny

Grant Ginder’s novels are breezy entertainments. Whether tackling the high-level insanities of politics or the messy misunderstandings within family resentments, he’s a precise, funny and unfussy writer. While watching The People We Hate at the Wedding, the first feature film based on his works, I kept asking myself if the[…]

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Editors' Picks
‘The Menu’ Serves Up Haute Cuisine Alongside Delicious Dark Comedy

Anyone walking into The Menu having seen its trailer already knows the type of movie they should expect. Mark Mylod’s feature film debut, with a screenplay by Seth Reiss and Will Tracy, belongs to a long line of scandalous arthouse entertainments that run the gamut from Godardian brutalism (Weekend) to Buñuelian[…]

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Editors' Picks
Indie Pop With Edge: New Kuri Album ‘I Love You, You’re Welcome’ Stands Above the Rest

Indie pop — which is pop that’s not as popular as it wants to be — is such a bane to modern music. The breathy vocals, the slavish production echo, the lyrics that might as well be in your own private made-up language, the entire genteel inoffensiveness of it: it’s[…]

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The Cate Blanchett-Starring ‘TÁR’ Offers a Slow, Subtle Discourse on Power Structures

Todd Field’s leisurely TÁR — his first feature in 16 years — is a spectacularly subtle film. Set in the world of classical music, the ambitious story touches on many things: the seduction of power and the traps of power structures, personal desires in the public arena, the capricious messiness of[…]

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