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Gay Entertainment: Everything You Need to Know

If you're on the hunt for articles related to gay entertainment, peruse our stories. Hornet delves into the world of entertainment to keep you informed and — well, entertained.

Looking for the latest on Lady Gaga, or the new gay indie band of your dreams? Want to see Steven Universe's first gay kiss or groundbreaking moments in acclaimed queer cartoons? Maybe you're a literature junkie looking for the next big LGBTQ novel. You can find all of that here within our entertainment stories.

If there are two things gays know how to do, it's how to entertain and how to devour entertainment culture, which is why we cover the gay entertainment world.

Some of the topics we cover include: Books Celebrities Comics Film Gaming Music Theater TV Web

Get lost in our entertainment section, which covers every major aspect of the entertainment industry.
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We Asked 3 Hornet Moderators to Share Their Experiences With the Program

Have you ever wondered how you could help make the Hornet community better? Did you know that Hornet has several programs that allow you to contribute and also get rewarded while you do? Among these programs are Hornet Moderators, Translators (story and app), Beta testers, Writers, Featured Guys and Health[…]

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10 DC Comics Characters We’d Love to See Get a Gay Interpretation

Come on, DC Comics! Make our favorite heroes gay!  Earlier this month, DC Comics released a new graphic novel titled Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed by Laurie Halse Anderson, Leila del Duca, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Saida Temofonte. This graphic novel is a new Wonder Woman origin story that decides to change “Steve[…]

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Twitter Trend Alert: Who’s Your Animated Doppelganger?

The latest Twitter trend is asking users to uncover their animated doppelganger, either in physical appearance or personality. The origins of this trend seem to go all the way back to 2015, when Tumblr user baberallafox posted the very first “me vs. animated me” photoset. But five years later it’s[…]

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‘Capture Lover,’ China’s First Gay Series Since LGBTQ Content Was Banned, Available to Stream Today

Today, the LGBTQ streaming platform GagaOOLala is releasing the first BL (Boys Love) series produced in China since the nation’s ban on LGBTQ content in 2016. Capture Lover will be available to stream online worldwide, outside of China. Starring Luigi Zhang and Han Jing-cheng, Capture Lover features a deputy manager[…]

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