Dating and Gay Sex

Popular culture has been serving up an over-sexualized portrait of the gay community for decades, especially with regard to gay men. Yes, gay people like to have sex. But is a person’s gay sex life really that different than a straight person’s? The answer is yes and no.

Of course, it all depends on the individual in question, but just because we tend to think that gay people have a lot of sex doesn’t mean it’s true. Gay or straight, casual sex has become ubiquitous in today’s culture. People are holding off getting married or not getting hitched at all. Despite these common trends, there are plenty of differences between gay sex and straight sex.

In addition to having to take photos of every part of our bodies, we also have to list our favorite sexual positions, kinks, top or bottom. The list goes on and on.

With all of this innovation in the dating world, gay people now have instant access to a world of options. No more scrounging for dates during last call at the local gay bar or making weird eyes at the guy in the H&M dressing room. Gay people are now free to lay it all on the table and find the perfect mate.

Cruising, Apps and Gay Sex

While any gay person can download an app to their phone and start cruising possible same-sex partners, the entire act of trying to go to bed with someone can feel a bit underwhelming. Online pornography is playing a key role in these monumental cultural shifts. We can watch just about any sexual act with the touch of a finger. When a person can get off just by opening their computer, dating and courtship start to go extinct.

The world of sex is completely different from what it was ten years ago. But putting these differences aside, everyone just wants to feel loved. Find out how the subject of gay sex is changing in the queer community with Hornet’s full sex coverage below.