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10 LGBTQ+ Films We Can’t Wait to Stream From Frameline47

This year’s Frameline Film Festival is already underway, highlighting the best and boldest LGBTQ+ films of the year. But for those unable to make it to San Francisco’s legendary event, we’ve got some great news for you — starting June 24th and continuing until July 2nd; you can purchase a[…]

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See and Be Seen at Frameline 47, San Francisco’s Celebrated LGBTQ+ Film Festival

San Francisco’s acclaimed international LGBTQ+ film festival, Frameline 47 has announced its full roster of films for this year’s annual event, which will take place June 14-24. The festival will kick off San Francisco Pride and features nearly 90 programs, in both San Francisco and Oakland, including 47 programs at[…]

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OK, Let’s Try This Whole ‘Gay Rom-Com’ Thing Again

The box office for gay-themed films has been bleak this year. Between the stunted returns for Universal’s Bros and the otherworldly under-performance of Disney’s Strange World (both, by the way, solid movies), it’s hard to imagine major studios green-lighting anything with LGBTQ+ themes in the near future. The bright spots have been[…]

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‘The People We Hate at the Wedding’ Squanders Its Stellar Cast With a Severe Lack of Funny

Grant Ginder’s novels are breezy entertainments. Whether tackling the high-level insanities of politics or the messy misunderstandings within family resentments, he’s a precise, funny and unfussy writer. While watching The People We Hate at the Wedding, the first feature film based on his works, I kept asking myself if the[…]

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