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Gay Culture: Everything You Need to Know

From innovators, artists, rainbow flags and Pride parades to drag queens, poppers, sex and nightlife, gay culture is truly an experience.

At Hornet we cover all the nuances of gay culture. Why were both October and February chosen to be Gay History Month? Where are the best sex museums around the world? Maybe you want advice on love from drag queens, or sex tips from your favorite gay porn stars. Find answers to all these questions and more in our queer culture articles.

Furthermore, here are just a few of the topics we cover here at Hornet: Art Drag Drugs History Nightlife Photography Sex Sports Tech

Whether you're new to the gay scene or you're a circuit queen who's been around the block (if ya know what we mean), there's always more to learn about our culture and what makes us a unique and wonderful community.
We Asked These 4 Queer Native Americans How They’ll Be Spending Thanksgiving

For queer Native Americans, Thanksgiving can represent a whitewashed holiday of violent history, so we asked some queer Native Americans how they spend it

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On the 43rd Anniversary of His Murder, Let’s Honor and Remember Harvey Milk

Nov. 27, 1978, was the night of the Harvey Milk was assassinated by Dan White, a former city supervisor who thought Milk was out to get him

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Still Here, Still Queer: The Rise (and Rise) of LGBTQ Zine Culture

They’re a protest against normality and censorship, and queer zines are still a valued format for sharing uncensored art, fashion, photography and politics

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Meth: Why Is It So Alluring to So Many Queer Men?

Meth use in the gay community has continued despite repeated campaigns against it, but what accounts for its popularity, and what can be done to stop it?

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