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Gay history is all around us. You just have to know where to look. The LGBTQ community has faced its fair share of struggles throughout history. From the infamous Stonewall incident of 1969 to the ongoing persecution of gay men and women around the world, there are so many aspects of our history that often go unnoticed. As we try to forge a brighter future for everyone in the LGBTQ community, we can learn from the events of our past. LGBTQ history is about more than just overcoming adversity; it’s about cherishing and remembering all of the ways the LGBTQ community has influenced society as a whole over the years. We are proud to pay tribute to the LGBTQ movers and shakers who have turned pop culture and gay history on its head. From centuries past to the latest in today's headlines, celebrate gay history with a nod to those that dare to dream.
Read This Heartbreaking Gay World War II Soldier’s Love Letter

Here’s a love letter written by a gay World War II soldier to his partner. The men met in Africa in 1943.

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The Muxes of Mexico Are a ‘Third Gender’ Who Straddle the Line Between Respected and Reviled

Muxes are a ‘third-gender’ largely recognized in the Juchitán region of Oaxaca, Mexico. But though they’re extraordinary, they don’t live charmed lives

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Gods, Dildos & Penis Pottery: A Visual History of Phallic Sculptures Throughout History

Art history is filled with many instances of penis sculpture. We’ve chosen six of the most prominent examples to show how dicks have changed over time

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On the 51st Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Let’s Honor the Queer Women of Color Responsible

On the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we take a look at the history of Stonewall and the three queer women of color we have to thank for Pride

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