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Hey there, gay music lovers. Interested in what the 'cool kids' are listening to these days? Today’s music landscape is more diverse than ever, and it seems like a new genre pops up every other week. From major label artists to Indie bands and underground house music gigs, there's a lot to cover. Even before this current golden age of music, LGBTQ people have been expressing themselves through song for decades. Edgy music videos and gender-bending artists have made waves for years, expanding society’s understanding of queer life and ensuring our visibility the world over. Maybe you’re just looking for a hot new LGBTQ artist or band to swoon over, and if so, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all of Hornet’s gay music coverage here, from WTF moments on the Grammys red carpet to who just came out of the closet. Get your fill of all things gay with a melody.
Some Hardcore Bands Are Fighting for LGBTQ Equality With a Guttural Yell

There’s long been a political component to punk music, and queer hardcore bands have picked up the mantle of fighting for queer rights

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Get Your Tissues Ready for Rina Sawayama’s ‘Chosen Family’ Featuring Elton John

Rina Sawayama dropped her new version of “Chosen Family,” featuring the one and only Elton John, this week. .@rinasawayama's "Chosen Family," an ode to the LGBT community, resonated with Elton John so much that he would sing it to his children. Now @eltonofficial joins her for an updated version 💕[…]

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Now That’s What I Call Music: 12 Albums That Are Even Better When You’re Stoned

Two albums from each decade since the 60’s, spanning all genres, that just might light you up

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The Ultimate A-to-Z Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Musicians and Bands, Pt. 5 (T–Z)

This is part 5 in our series on LGBT artists, bands and musicians. Click for “The Ultimate A-to-Z Encyclopedia of LGBT Artists, Musicians and Bands” parts One, Two, Three and Four. For even the most seasoned music lovers and sound hounds, discovering LGBT artists and bands can prove daunting. Only[…]

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