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While the LGBTQ community has made great strides in certain pockets of the world, gay news coverage is still more important than ever, and Hornet is here to provide just that.

Less than half of countries around the world recognize same-sex marriage. Gay sex can still get you jailed or killed in many parts of the world. Trans rights are only just beginning to get the recognition they deserve and still face much resistance. Bisexual erasure exists outside and within our own community. Even TV shows have a problem with killing off gay characters.

But beyond all the terrible things taking place in the realm of gay news, Hornet also brings you optimistic, boundary-breaking news featuring LGBTQ people seeking to make the world a better place.
Want to take a peek at the Pride celebrations of all the world's major cities? Looking for recently released, LGBTQ-inclusive ads? Want to know which country is about to legalize same-sex marriage? Look no further.

Here are just a few of the gay news topics we discuss at Hornet : Business Politics World

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Editors' Picks
This Sunday, Taiwan Will Host One of the World’s Only In-Person Pride Celebrations

“Taiwan has Pride! Pride enough for everyone!” That’s the sentiment of Taiwan Pride 2020, a Pride celebration that will take place this Sunday, June 28, and which seems to be the only Pride Month event of its kind — an in-person celebration that flies in the face of the current[…]

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This Weekend’s Global Pride 2020 Is Set to Be the World’s Biggest LGBTQ Event Ever

The LGBTQ community is resilient, which means that when COVID-19 canceled in-person celebrations and events around the world, including our beloved annual Pride festivals, we didn’t even consider canceling Pride Month outright. We’ve fought way too hard for that! And that’s why Global Pride 2020, a 24-hour virtual Pride celebration[…]

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49 Years Ago, America Got Its First Look at ‘The Homosexual Couple’

In 1971, Jack Baker and Mike McConnell became the first gay couple to be married—long before marriage equality became legal

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Iconic LGBTQ Landmark The Stonewall Inn Is in Danger of Closing for Good

Amidst COVID-19 and the shutdown of restaurants, venues and small businesses all over the country, one of the LGBTQ community’s most historic and important landmarks is also in trouble. After being closed for three months, the Stonewall Inn — site of the 1969 uprising largely credited with launching the modern-day[…]

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