AL Governor Says “Only Christians Are My Brothers”

Alabama Governor-Elect Robert Bentley hasn’t served his first day on the job yet, but is already offending his new constituents.  In a speech at a Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church – Martin Luther King Jr.’s former church – Bentley told parishioners, “‘I was elected as a Republican candidate. But […]

lance lundsten

Lundsten Died Of Heart Disease, Not Suicide

The Minnesota Independent is reporting that Lance Lundsten’s death this weekened was not suicide, as we previously reported. An update on the story which first ran the news of Lundsten’s death reads, “According to preliminary autopsy results that were shared with the family, he died from cardiac edema, a condition […]

Supreme Court stops gay marriage appeal in D.C.

Supreme Court Refuses To Allow D.C. Gay Marriage Appeal!

The United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal today from an organization attempting to stop same-sex marriages from being granted in our nation’s capitol. Bishop Harry Jackson, a pastor from Maryland, had sued D.C.’s Board of Elections and Ethics after they would not allow him to submit a proposition that […]

Varnell Bourassa

Canada Celebrates 10 Years of Gay Marriages

Partners Joe Varnell and Kevin Bourassa, and Anne and Elaine Vautour were the first same-sex couples to wed when Canada legalized marriage equility on January 14, 2001. Yesterday marked their 10 year anniversary. To mark the occasion, they renewed their vows along with 25 other couples. Equal rights? Blame Canada! […]

David Bates

NH Not Attempting To Repeal Marriage Equality…This Year

Conservatives in New Hampshire have been squawking about repealing marriage equality in the state since before it was even introduced in 2009. It looks like they are cooling their jets…for now. State Representative David Bates (R) acknowledges the repeal isn’t a top priority, but he doesn’t want you to get […]

Minneapolis Superintendent Johnson

Minneapolis School District To Teach Pro-LGBT Curriculum

Fantastic news out of Minnesota, donchaknow. The Minneapolis School District has voted unanimously to enact new anti-bullying tactics and to begin teaching pro-LGBT curriculum across the spectrum of its grades. Sexual Education classes will be updated to include information for gay students, and a LGBT History course will be offered […]

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