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The world of sports hasn't always been so supportive of the LGBTQ community, but things are changing, and that's exactly why it's more important than ever for Hornet to cover all the latest breakthroughs in gay sports news. Every culture seems to love watching people compete. Today sports events draw massive crowds and millions of viewers on TV as we watch athletes compete to be the best. Though the LGBTQ community has long been on the outside of the professional sporting world for generations — and being "out" was simply out of the question for most pro athletes — the world now has more openly gay sports stars than ever. Take a look at all the ways the world of sports and the LGBTQ community are coming together. Everyone in the LGBTQ community can find something to appreciate about the nature of competition. Take a stroll through our favorite gay moments from all things gay sports.
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10 Things I Learned After Joining a Gay Men’s Wrestling Group

In a previous story, I wrote about my personal experience in joining a local men’s gay wrestling group. In that piece I noted how my fantasies of sweaty erotic matches with muscular jocks ended up being far off from the reality, but that I ended up learning a lot more about[…]

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Grappling With Homophobia: A Short, Campy History of 9 Gay Pro-Wrestling Characters

These 9 gay wrestling characters from U.S. pro-wrestling show the sport’s uneasy relationship with homosexuality (although some of them are kinda great)

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In 2 Years, Gay Games 11 Will Bring Thousands of International Athletes to Hong Kong

An official countdown has started: as of Nov. 12, 2020, the Gay Games 11 Hong Kong — a first for Asia — are a mere two years away.

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I Joined a Gay Men’s Wrestling Group and Learned a Lot About Myself

After a lifetime of whacking off to pro-wrestling, I joined a local gay wrestling group. It wasn’t as erotic as I thought, but here’s what I learned

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