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We know what you might be thinking: what in the world is gay technology? While it's rather obvious that technology has no sexuality, the term refers to tech that is developed by or for the gay and LGBT community. Hornet, a gay social network, is itself a great example of gay technology. A premier platform for gay, bisexual, trans and queer men with more than 25 million users worldwide, Hornet is the most widely used gay social network in the world. For more information about gay technology, browse our collection of articles about the world of tech and how it intersects with the LGBTQ community, from the latest in smartphone development (a piece of tech most LGBTQ people can't seem to put down) to scientific breakthroughs Our stories cover the best and brightest in tech designed by and for the queer community. Learn more about tech trends and news here on Hornet.
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Here Are 5 Ways Hornet Uses Technology and Community to Keep Users Safe

As the world’s premier gay social network, we’re proud to be a platform for more than 25 million guys worldwide, and part of our mission requires us to create a safe and affirming environment where users can express all the different and wonderful parts of themselves. And because Hornet is not[…]

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Editors' Picks
Here’s What the New #HornetV6 Means for You, the Hornet User

We’ve officially unveiled Hornet Version 6, the latest iteration of the world’s premier gay social network, and here’s what’s new.

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Hornet Just Became the First Gay App to Offer Video in the Feed

To kick off Hornet video in the feed, we’re working with the San Francisco LGBTQ Film Festival Frameline, which kicks off today.

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This Reddit Tale of Woe Is Exactly Why You Don’t Send Unsolicited Nude Pics

This young student wanted to send unsolicited nudes to a person he was interested in, but what happened was hilariously unfortunate

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