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Orbitz Defends Fox News on O’Reilly Factor

Oh, Bill. Always providing such reliable fodder for our incredulity. In last night’s Talking Points, O’Reilly focused on “Presidential Politics and the Media,” and brought up the Media Matters’ campaign to get Orbitz to drop Fox News from their advertising. O’Reilly notes that “the Orbitz travel agency was threatened, but […]

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GLAAD Targets Orbitz for Advertising on Fox News

GLAAD, alongside Courage Campaign, Equality Matters and DropFox Campaign, is petitioning Orbitz to stop advertising on the Fox News Channel. Orbitz has been especially gay-welcoming, recognized by GLAAD for some serious LGBT advertising accomplishments – like featuring the HRC logo in this commercial. Orbitz has also achieved success in the […]

Gay blog: Gay cowboys dancing at the Round Up Saloon

The Big D’s Big Gay: Gay Travel in Dallas, Texas

Nick Vivion is the world’s first Gay Travel Guru, and this is yet another post in the gay travel series! It’s impossible to visit Texas with a virgin mind, uncorrupted from a steady diet of images in the media. So when I landed in Dallas, I immediately started stereo-tripping: visions of […]

Nick Vivion visits Santa Fe and goes hiking!

I’m Gay For Santa Fe! Nick Continues His Gay Travel Quest

Another phantasgoramic installment in Nick’s Gay Travel Guru series! It hardly ever rains in Santa Fe, and when it does, the locals are positively giddy about it. “Isn’t this weather great,” Victoria, a vendor at the weekend Farmer’s Market, commented to me. I smiled politely, and thought to myself, “what […]

Gay Blog Unicorn Booty does Burning Man right

We Answer Your Burning Questions About Burning Man

This is an ongoing reprint of the articles Nick has written as North America’s first Gay Travel Guru! I’m being crushed under 7 flailing, smiling and laughing people, MIA’s “Paper Planes” is booming on two solar-powered speakers, marinara sauce wafts through the air, and it’s wonderful. These are the moments […]

Gay Blog UB: Nick's Gay Travel Guru Experience

The Rituals of Travel

This is part of Nick’s continued series of work from his time as the Gay Travel Guru. I always seem to lose a little bit of myself when I am packing for a trip. It’s not that I go insane, it’s that I get quietly methodical. Like a battle surgeon […]

Gay Travel in Sin City: Hold the Sin!

Nick Vivion is the Gay Travel Guru, and this is a coninuation of the series of posts about his gay travel experiences. I smiled to myself as we pulled up to the church of In-N-Out burger in a limousine. Another item crossed off my bucket list, another experience savored. I […]

7 Ways to Prevent a Traveling Disaster by the Gay Travel Guru

Nick is‘s Gay Travel Guru, and this is the first in a series of posts about his misadventures around North America for GT. Travel is all about the unexpected: buses don’t show up, food isn’t what you ordered, that “boutique hotel” is actually a topless bed-bug Jacuzzi. Unless you […]

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Let’s face it, the gays love to travel. Whether it’s visiting our friends in the newest gayborhood, exploring the latest gay resorts or dude-watching on the beach of the world’s hottest gay vacay spots, we are always on to go. This is precisely why Hornet is here to present you with the most elaborate coverage on all things gay travel.

Want to know which countries have just legalized same-sex adoption? Searching for the latest cities attracting LGBTQ individuals? Which country had men using Donald Trump’s mouth as a urinal? Hornet has it all.

Equally important as our gay travel news are our gay city guides. From P-Town to Palm SpringsL.A. to D.C., we’ve listed all the best gay hotspots. We’ve even got tips to get you laid in multiple cities around the world.

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