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While the LGBTQ community has made great strides in certain pockets of the world, gay news coverage is still more important than ever, and Hornet is here to provide just that.

Less than half of countries around the world recognize same-sex marriage. Gay sex can still get you jailed or killed in many parts of the world. Trans rights are only just beginning to get the recognition they deserve and still face much resistance. Bisexual erasure exists outside and within our own community. Even TV shows have a problem with killing off gay characters.

But beyond all the terrible things taking place in the realm of gay news, Hornet also brings you optimistic, boundary-breaking news featuring LGBTQ people seeking to make the world a better place.
Want to take a peek at the Pride celebrations of all the world's major cities? Looking for recently released, LGBTQ-inclusive ads? Want to know which country is about to legalize same-sex marriage? Look no further.

Here are just a few of the gay news topics we discuss at Hornet : Business Politics World

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Learn These 11 Bits of Gay Mexican Slang for Flirting and Hooking Up

If you’re looking to flirt or hook up in Mexico, these 11 bits of gay Mexican slang will help, especially if you’re looking for an ‘activo dominante’

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It Turns Out the Civil Rights Movement Can Help You Get Through Holiday Dinners With Republican Family

If you’re dreading that big holiday dinner with your Republican Family, you can look to the Civil Rights movement to change their minds without a big fight

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The Next Time You Crave Chicken, Remember That Chick-fil-A Is Still Very Much Anti-Gay

Chick-fil-A’s anti-LGBTQ donations continue despite years-old claims the company would cease all such giving

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Editors' Picks
LGBTQ People in Uganda Are Under Threat, and They Need Our Support

The increased rhetoric about a “Kill the Gays” bill and corresponding hate speech serve to demonize LGBTQ Ugandans and give the green light for violence.

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For Millennia, Activists Have Protested With Dildos to Make a Very Clear Point

Over centuries, political activists have utilized the “dildo protest” to make our society a better, happier, slightly more ridiculous place

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3 Ways the Satanic Temple Wants to Make Life Better for Queer Students

The Satanic Temple is known for its pursuit of religious equality, and in these three ways the temple is attempting to make life better for queer students

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Editors' Picks
The Stars Shone Bright (and Performed) in Honor of the L.A. LGBT Center’s 50th Anniversary

On Sept. 21, the L.A. LGBT Center celebrated its 50th anniversary in a “very L.A.” way — alongside famous actors, comedians, musicians and TV stars.

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Editors' Picks
New Report Shows Conversion Therapy Harms LGBTQ People in Every Corner of the World

While we can’t estimate the exact prevalence of people affected by conversion therapy, we can definitively say it harms LGBTQ people the world over.

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Editors' Picks
Police Raid at a Shanghai Circuit Party Draws Attention to Chinese Policies of Anti-Gay Harassment

A recent Shanghai circuit party raid, during which partiers attending Heaven were forced to undergo drug testing, has drawn attention to anti-gay policies.

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Editors' Picks
This New Social Media Scam Is Taking Advantage of Gay Men Who Want to Appear in Adult Films

A new gay porn scam involves someone posing as a Falcon Studios recruiter soliciting money from guys who want to appear in adult films.

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