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When is World HIV Day? Is a penis transplant actually a thing? What is the significance of using the term HIV over AIDS in our current discussions? What fitness advice can gay adult film stars and gay trainers share when it comes to maintaining a sexy physique? Why is there still a ban on gay men donating blood? Find answers to all of these questions and more in the gay health section of Hornet.

Staying current on health news is a vital part of gay culture as a whole. With higher rates of depression and suicide affecting LGBTQ people, it's vital that we remain aware of the gay health issues our community faces. Hornet is proud to keep you informed on health-related issues, as well as the many advancements we've made.

Here are just some of the key topics we cover under health: Fitness HIV Mental Health
Mental Health
Here Are 4 Ways That Mid-Day Napping Can Boost Your Productivity and Mental Health

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of napping — from defeating narcolepsy to boosting productivity, here are several ways naps help your health

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‘Summer Penis’ Is Real, So Look Forward to a More Prodigious Pecker

We’ve all heard about “shrinkage,” but there’s a theory that a man’s penis grows larger in warmer weather, too. Those who “suffer” from the condition claim they have better erections and larger testicles, too.

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Mental Health
Semen Exchange During Sex Can Make You Less Depressed, According to Survey

After comparing the sex lives of about 300 students, researchers discovered that semen may have anti-depressant effects on people who have condomless sex

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Editors' Picks
This App Has Developed a Special ‘Pride Month Meditation’ for LGBTQ People

Achieving the sense of “inner peace” that is commonly associated with meditation is harder than ever today. For starters, the world is slowly inching back to normality after a global pandemic has ravaged the world; but also, many people consider meditation to be a skill they lack. Moreover, several studies[…]

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