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Gays love to travel. Don't you? Whether it's visiting our friends in the gayborhood, exploring the latest gay resorts or people-watching at the world's hottest gay vacay spots, we're always on to go. This is why Hornet presents you with coverage of all things gay travel.

Want to know which countries have just legalized same-sex adoption? Which country made headlines when men used Donald Trump's mouth as a urinal?

Equally important as gay travel headlines are Hornet's gay city guides. From Provincetown to Palm Springs, Los Angeles to Washington, D.C., we've got all the best gay hot spots. We've even got tips to get you laid in multiple cities around the world.

Read all you can about travel and go on an adventure of your own! And when you do, let us know by posting on your social media and tagging @hornet.
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Are you an amusement park fan in need of a new park? Are you a gamer who can’t get enough of Smash Bros.? Well you now have a new video game theme park to scratch both those itches, as Nintendo recently opened its incredible Super Nintendo World. The video game[…]

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Not Even Open Yet, This Gay Campground Has Been Slammed for Petty Transphobia

In a truly abhorrent move, a gay campground in Michigan has banned transmen from their male-only park. Though Camp Boomerang hasn’t even opened yet, it is (understandably) causing a ton of controversy with its blatant, mind-boggling transphobia. Bryan Quinn, co-owner of Camp Boomerang RV Park and Campground, posted this on[…]

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Start Planning Your Post-Covid 2022 Vacation With This ‘Golden Girls’ Cruise

If you haven’t been obsessively making post-COVID plans to keep yourself busy, happy and sane, it’s time to start. And what could be better than an entire vacation celebrating one of the most legendary pieces of media of all time? Golden Fans at Sea, the Golden Girls Fan Theme Cruise,[…]

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Under the Cover of Night: 10 of America’s Most Famous Gay Cruising Spots, Past and Present

It’s illegal to have sex in public, but it’s also a fact that repressive laws often left LGBTQ people with few other options

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