Hornet City Guides

When you’re gay, exploring a new city can be a lot of fun, if you know where to go.  Some places on the map are more gay-friendly than others, especially if you plan on traveling to countries outside of North America and Europe. Luckily, you can use resources like Hornet’s City Guides to find out where to go and what’s hot in cities all over the world. You’ll find in-depth coverage of the city’s local gay bars, gay events, or just simple suggestions about how to have a good time.
In today’s world, gay people are finding a home or a warm welcome in places outside of NYC and LA. Long gone are the days when gay people had to stick to underground clubs, drag bingo nights at the local taco joint, or some sleazy back alley. As the world becomes more understanding of the LGBTQ community, the local scene starts the change, with new clubs, restaurants, and bars catering specifically to LGBTQ clientele.
As much as we’d like to believe that all of this so-called progress is a result of mankind’s open-minded nature, small businesses and the tourism industry have slowly realized that being gay-friendly means more business. Sticking a rainbow flag in the front window means that a business can attract a wider range of customers. Let’s face it, gay people like to spend money, they like to drink, dance, and spend a wild night on the town. That means big bucks for cities like Istanbul, Paris, London, and even Austin, Texas in the U.S.
If you’re taking a trip to a new destination, make sure to open Hornet to get a sense of what’s gay-friendly and what’s not. You might be surprised at what you find. From gay yoga days to wild nightclubs, find what you’re looking for with Hornet’s City Guides.