Catholic High School Bans Same-Sex Prom Dates

Catholic High School Bans Same-Sex Prom Dates

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Here we go again… You of course remember Constance McMillen, the lesbian student who was banned from attending her high school prom last year because she wanted to bring a same-sex date. The ACLU sued Itawamba School District on her behalf, and McMillen walked away $35,000 richer for being discriminated against. BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL TO DO SO.

Fast forward a year, and here we are in prom season once more. Which means gay blogs will no doubt be reporting stories like this one.

After a lesbian senior asked to bring her girlfriend, St. Anthony’s High School has banned students from bringing same-sex dates to prom because…wait for it…the Catholic Church frowns upon gay marriage. Are we missing something here? Just how many of these kids also plan on getting hitched in their prom dresses?

Huntington Patch reports:

“Every decision that we make on a high school level should reflect that teaching,” said Bro. Gary Cregan, the school’s principal. “We kind of felt that if we approved of a same sex couple coming to the prom, it would appear that we are approving same sex marriage.”

Cregan said it was the the first time he’s been asked to allow a same sex couple to attend the prom in his eight years as principal.

“It’s never been a discussed item,” said Cregan.

Cregan said he informed his chairman of the board of trustees and bishop of the dioceses Thursday about his ruling and possible media interest.

Look, you dinosaurs, you’ve lost this “culture war” already. It’s dunzo. Over. The majority of the country now supports same-sex marriage, the far majority of young people are offended by discriminatory nonsense like this, and Republicans are the biggest donors to the campaign for gay marriage in New York.

Discriminating against your own student body will only get you three things: bad press, sued, and your school shut down in ten years or so when there are no longer anti-gay parents with children to enroll.

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