Catholics Order The Word ‘Booty’ Removed From Bible

Catholics Order The Word ‘Booty’ Removed From Bible

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Citing the need for a new translation because English is a “living language,” the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has ordered some changes made to the Bible. The new translation is said to be more accurate and poetic.

But SunTimes reports one big omission that has the hairs on the back of our neck standing up.

“Booty” — a word that sets off snickers in Sunday school — will be replaced with the “spoils” of war when the newest edition of the New American Bible, the English-language Catholic Bible, comes out on Ash Wednesday, March 9.

Oh no the didn’t! Pshh! I will cut a bi—shop. Zing!

Fifty scholars and translators, linguistics experts, theologians and five bishops spent 17 years on the project. They were immersed in original manuscripts, the Dead Sea Scrolls and archeological findings unearthed since research behind the current text, published in 1970.

While Catholics can read from any of two dozen English translations, the New American Bible is the one owned and supported by U.S. bishops for prayer and study.

Tell you what, we’ll give the bishops our blessing on the new Bible if they agree to stop pretending that the Bible is the literal word of God. Because it’s not. It’s a collection of stories that were selected based on tribal politics in Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean that have been written, rewritten and edited by countless people over hundreds and hundred of years. Homophobes, bigots, and politicians basing their intolerance on Biblical teachings – we’re putting you on shout. The jig is up.

Are you sad to see Booty go? It may be leaving the Bible, but you can still find it here every day of the week!

Via SunTimes

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