CDC: Zika Virus Can Totally Spread Through Gay Buttsecks

CDC: Zika Virus Can Totally Spread Through Gay Buttsecks

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Why we’re covering this: Some gay, lesbian and bisexual people have written off the Zika virus as a “straight person’s disease” because the virus mostly directly affects pregnant women. But the disease has other symptoms and transmission methods worth knowing about to avoid a global pandemic.

Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control reported that a Dallas man contracted the Zika virus after having unprotected anal intercourse with his infected partner who had just returned from Venezuela (one of the countries hit hardest by the disease).

The Venezuela visitor showed no symptoms at the time of intercourse but developed a fever, upper body and facial rash and pinkeye two days after his return — had he developed these symptoms BEFORE intercourse, said intercourse probably wouldn’t have happened because who wants to make love to someone with pinkeye? His sexual partner developed symptoms a week later.

Usually Zika — a virus spread by mosquitoes — is asymptomatic or has only mild symptoms (that is, until you give birth to a baby with microcephaly — a condition where the infant’s brain is underdeveloped, resulting in a smaller-than-usual head and mental disabilities).

It’s no surprise that buttsex spreads Zika though. After all, we’ve known since 2010 that semen carries the virus; it’s also been found in saliva making “deep kissing” a possible transmission method, though scientists are split on that. Thus far however, there’ve been no reports of Zika being spread from blowjobs or from female-to-male via vagina intercourse

The news is important for straight couples to know because heterosexuals enjoy anal sex. It’s also important for gay and bi men lest they unwittingly transmit the disease through condomless intercourse. For now, it’s best to keep your condoms on, especially if your partner has been to South or Central America recently — we can’t let the mosquitoes win! Your unborn babies are counting on us.

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