Cee Lo Green Calls Female Music Critic Gay; Tweets ‘F–k U!’

Cee Lo Green Calls Female Music Critic Gay; Tweets ‘F–k U!’

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“I see you calling me out on my bizarre onstage behavior – and I’m like, Fuck Youuuu…on Twitter.”

OK, so those aren’t exactly the lyrics to Cee Lo’s monster hit, Fuck You. You win. Unfortunately, they sum up The Voice‘s latest anti-gay Twitter scandal (Shoutout to Blake Shelton!) quite nicely.

After music critic Andrea Swensson published a less than flattering review of Cee Lo’s opening job for Rihanna this weekend, she found herself on the receiving end of some confusingly anti-gay words from the star.

Swensson called Cee Lo’s pandering “lecherous” and quoted one particularly gross soundbite from the star:

“Do you realize I’m just foreplay for Rihanna?” Cee Lo Green asked the near-capacity crowd, taking a break from his lackluster set to attempt to rouse the bored audience. “Rihanna’s gonna fuck you,” he said. “I’m just here to get you wet.”


A few hours after her review went up on Citypages, Cee Lo took to his verified Twitter account (the same one he uses as a judge on NBC’s social media integrated singing competition, The Voice) to accuse Swensson of being “a gay man offended by his masculinity.” Whatever the hell that is supposed to mean.

When informed that Swensson is neither gay nor a man, Cee Lo awkwardly backpedaled and attempted to apologize for his asshattery. But the gay community wasn’t the only group of people offended by the singer’s remark, and after his strange anti-gay words began to be reported, and the Twitterati started coming down on him for his offensive behavior, Cee Lo chose to first delete the tweets in question, and then his account altogether.

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It’s worth noting that Cee Lo picked two gay singers, Nakia and Vicci Martinez, for his team on The Voice. When Unicorn Booty interviewed gay contestant Tyler Robinson, The Voice was then under fire because of judge Blake Shelton’s anti-gay Twitter scandal. How did Cee Lo avoid learning anything at all from Shelton’s second anti-gay scandal? The country singer previously drew criticism for tired jokes about Jake Gyllenhaal’s sexuality at the CMA’s.

It remains to be seen how Christina Aguilera, the very first honoree to receive a spot on the Gay Walk of Fame is reacting to either of her costars’ offensive machismo, or just how a Twitterless Cee Lo will interact with The Voice, as live tweets have been a component of each of the previous episodes.

A word of the wise to remaining blemish-free contestant Adam Levine, please do the gay community a favor and stick to naked photoshoots rather than homophobic tweets. We’re big fans of your work.

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