Celine Dion Does Not Have Time For Your Off-Base Questions, Sir (Video)

Celine Dion Does Not Have Time For Your Off-Base Questions, Sir (Video)

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During a recent red carpet, a reporter received a hard lesson in interview etiquette after he asked an off-base question to Celine Dion.

Instead of asking Dion about her own multiple accomplishments or her experience recording a new track for Beauty and the Beast or anything about the film for that matter, the reporter opted to ask her about the Grammy “drama” between Adele and Beyoncé.

Say what?

Dion stopped him before he could even finish the question.

She said, “Can I stop you right there, sir?”

“I do not want to be rude to you, but I am not hear for talking about the Grammys, sir. I am here to talk about Beauty and the Beast and I hope you know where you are tonight. I do no want you to miss any moment from the Beauty and the Beast.”

You can have several seats, sir. Celine did not come to play with you.

Watch video of Celine Dion tell the reporter to take several seats:


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